dinsdag 23 april 2013

A winner and a reunion

I should have posted this weekend, but I am so sorry, it was just somewhat busier than I thought.

So now without further ado the winner of my give away, tadaaaahhhh!

Congratulations Linda! Can you email me your address so I can send you the fabrics? Hope you will enjoy them.
And for those who did not win, I am sorry, better luck next time (there will be more give-aways), I have entered countless give-aways myself and have never won …..
This weekend was a bit busier than planned, because on Sunday we decided to go to the fundraising event for Animal in Need, the foundation that runs the shelter in La Linea in Spain where we adopted Whopper from. It was also their 5-year celebration and because of all this Peter Koekebakker, who founded and still runs the shelter, came over from Spain to attend. So Whopper was reunited with his rescuer (and of course, Whopper would not sit still for the pictures).  

Recently CesarMillan, the famous dog whisperer, visited the shelter in La Linea, he trained one of the dogs there and used it for an episode of his series on the National Geographic Channel. It was broadcast over here in The Netherlands on April 12, but will be repeated, which is great recognition and exposure for the shelter and the wonderful work they do over there.
Peter and Cesar at the shelter in La Linea, Spain
More quilty news next time, when I will show you the finished top of my Jacob’s Ladder quilt, hope to be able to make and outdoors picture of it later on in the week, unfortunately the weather is letting me down today.
Don’t forget, this evening: the final of the Great British Sewing Bee!!  If you did not see this, you missed a really nice program.  It is like the Great British Bake Off, only with fabrics! Great contestants, great judges (aaah, the impeccably dressed Patrick Grant), great stories.
I found out through the Gehring Road blog that there actually is a link which will enable you to watch all the episodes on YouTube:


Watch them from episode 1 and you will enjoy a few hours of great tv-sewing fun!
Until next week,

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Heerlijk blog weer. Heb er van genoten. Ik kijk altijd naar dit programma. Geniet van deze artiesten, want dat zijn het voor me!

  2. Ja, leuk hè, the great british sewing bee. En Patrick Grant is ook niet onaardig om naar te kijken, toch? En die mevrouw met die lange ponny. Hoe krijgen ze het voor mekaar om van zo'n best wel suffig onderwerp zo'n leuk programma te maken. Ik kijk er heel graag naar.

  3. Did Whopper recognize Peter? He seems to be very happy to see him???

  4. Volgens mij was Whopper helemaal blij om Peter weer te zien (of lijkt dat maar zo?) In ieder geval een leuke dag gehad, wat een goed werk doet hij. Ik zou zo een hond willen daar vandaan als ik niet hele dagen zou werken.
    Goede tip, heb nog nooit van het programma gehoord. En natuurlijk nog de felicitaties voor Linda met de gewonnen stofjes!

  5. Heb het programma gezien! lachen Ja die honden zijn snoepies! Linda boft!! byby Carina


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