zondag 3 maart 2013

Feathergirls update, a doggy dental visit and more

A few days ago my fellow Feathergirl Hubertine came over so we could check the progress on our Feathergirls quilts.

I laid out my Jacob’s Ladder blocks so far:
Getting somewhere! I want to make 63 blocks, 7 x 9, so not that far to go anymore.
Piles of goodness!
This week saw the midterm school holiday in our area, unfortunately my 15-year old daughter, Eline spent the beginning of the week ill on the couch, wrapped in a quilt.
She missed joining me for this: Whopper’s dental appointment!

“I’m having none of this, what are you doing?!”
“Uhm, actually, Linda, this doesn’t taste that bad after all!”
(Chicken flavoured toothpaste!)
“Tineke, I’ve been a good boy, can I have my goodie bag now?”
And what a great goodie bag it was!
Seriously, this was a free instruction at our vet’s office to show you how to take care of your dog’s teeth, great initiative, Linda and Tineke were great with him.
Later on in the week Eline had recovered enough for a shopping trip to Rotterdam, where we had a great lunch at Bazar, one of our favourite restaurants there, love the interior:
Even though it was lunchtime we went for the breakfast Bazar, which they serve almost all day:
After lunch we went to this:
Really worth the visit, a very interesting exhibition! You are allowed to take pictures, but I won’t show them here, you should really go and see for yourself if you have the chance.
Have a nice week!

12 opmerkingen:

  1. Mooi die eerste quilt en de quilt waar je dochter ondergedoken ligt is ook een plaatje.

  2. Hello Phyllis, poor Eline to be ill during the mid term break. It is the middle of the night here and I am up with Hannah who as been in bed all weekend. Your quilt looks magnificent and I also love the log cabin quilt. Great service from your vet!!

  3. Je Jacob's Ladderquilt wordt prachtig! Jammer dat Eline ziek was. Maar ze lag wel onder een prachtige quilt.

  4. A very interesting post - thanks. Love your Jacob's ladder! You have such a cute dog :)

  5. Your jacobs ladder is looking very good! Love that pattern and it's always in the back of my mind that I will possibly make one someday.:)

  6. Een lekkere volle week! Je JL wordt echt fantastisch mooi!

  7. Gelukkig toch nog een goed eind van de vakantie toen Eline was opgeknapt. Zou toch sneu zijn je hele vakantie op de bank te moeten doorbrengen. Leuk verslag van het tandartsbezoekje van Whopper.

  8. Ohhh je jacobsladder wordt schitterend en wat schiet je lekker op!

  9. Ik ga ook een dagje Rotterdam doen, alleen al voor dat ontbijt. De FG-quilts worden mooi, leuk patroon, groetjes van Dorien

  10. Wat is het toch leuk om je jb in wording te zien. En heerlijke uitstapjes. Lachen die honden tandenhappening! Nice weekend

  11. Wat is je Jacob's ladder mooi zeg!

  12. love the jacob's ladder quilt and I am glad she is feeling better.
    love the pineapple quilt she took a nap under!


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