donderdag 5 juli 2012

A playdate for Black Beauty and The Duchess

Hubertine and I thought it was high time to do some serious sewing on our Feathergirls quilt project therefore we organised a ‘playdate’ for our beloved Black Beauty and The Duchess.
So we got together, got our heads down, our Featherweights got their feet down and soon the place was buzzing! They made a lovely sound and turned out lovely blocks for our quilts:-

For me and The Duchess this was the result:

So in all I now have these blocks:

I managed to do some work by hand as well this last week, so this is block 2 of the Jules quilt finished:

As of today school is out over here, DD came home with a great school report today, so I may post a little less over the next weeks, hopefully will be able to spend some hours here and there on the beach & things like that (maybe get a bit of quilting in as well…).

Let’s hope for some sunshine!

Bi everyone!


3 opmerkingen:

  1. I love your blocks!! You and The Duchess did a fine job!!

  2. Hello Phyliss, I love your blocks also, your Duchess looks beautiful. I adore the sound of the Singer! Your Born to Quilt block is gorgeous. Enjoy the holidays and well done to your daughter.

  3. Fijn dat je dochter over is met goede resultaten, nu fijn vakantie vieren en hopelijk inderdaad met een lekker zonntetje erbij. Gezellig zo'n dagje snorren achter de featherweight en met een mooi resultaat.


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