maandag 10 december 2012

Getting into the spirit of Christmas

Saturday evening Hubertine and I went to Tilburg to enjoy Dorry’s brand of southern hospitality during her wonderful Christmas Party. In her cosy and beautifully decorated home we were welcomed by a nice warm fire and Christmas music by Dorry’s husband and daughters (and a proud grandmother in the front of the picture!)

With some warm gluhwein we were given a seasonal pincushion kit to work on, but give me some wine and good company and my work ethic is out of the window, I will catch up this week :-) !

Even Mr. Bingley was dressed for the occasion

Dorry & helpers made us a delicious Christmas dinner

Oh, and that dessert, applecrumble with warm vanilla sauce, mmmmm!

For me it was a wonderful, warm way to start the Christmas season, thanks to Dorry, her family, Jose, Dorien and the great company of the other ladies for a memorable evening.

‘The hostess with the mostest’

No rest for the wicked as they say, Sunday afternoon I was off to the Wassenaar Library for a workshop by Wieke van Keulen: knitting Christmas balls, made famous by the book by Arne and Carlos

We received a bag with knitting needles, some nice wool (exactly the colors I would have chosen!) and the pattern. This time I did work hard, it was not easy. I had to start over and over again and again. I was not the only one, all of us found the start really hard so Wieke and the lady she brought with her to assist her, literally had their hands full. Although in the past (loooong time ago) I did a lot of knitting but never with 5 needles before. Near the end of the workshop we did all get it, phew, that was a relief!

Busy week ahead of me now, trying to finish these projects and decorating my own house for Christmas.


8 opmerkingen:

  1. Breien met vijf naalden, klinkt leuk!

  2. Hemel....dat is denk ik niets voor mij!! Kan ik al een bestelling opgeven?
    "Doe mij maar 5 ballen.....!"

  3. What a lovely post, Dorry's shop sounds absolutely wonderful.

  4. Wat ziet dat er heerlijk uit, zo'n voorproefje op de kerst! En een leuke workshop van Wieke, die komt de 26e ook hier op de BB. Wat is het quiltwereldje toch leuk!

  5. Wat heerlijk al die uitjes. Dat kerstballenboek heb ik ook, maar ik heb er nog nooit 1 gebreid. Toch een beetje (te) moeilijk...


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